Thank you for considering the West Highland White Terrier as your newest addition. As an exclusive, private Westie breeder, I take pride in developing high quality puppies. I am sure you will find your Westie to be a loveable companion that you will enjoy for many years. Before birth I make every effort to insure all puppies, as well as adults, receive the best health care, proper diet, a safe secure environment, daily social attention, plenty of exercise and lots of love.


All of my Westies are American Kennel Club registered and the majority are from close championship bloodlines. Health is guaranteed. My facility is open for your inspection, and parents of puppies are on premise. References are available. Puppies are not released before eight weeks of age.

Since 2002 I have imported top European bloodline Westies from the countries of Czech Republic, Poland, and Spain. These Westies came from highly experienced and proven successful Westie show ring owners/handlers/breeders. We discovered the European show ring people stubbornly stick to the old original show standards for Westies. This is evident by improved quality in coat texture, health, black skin, intelligence, and physical appearance over USA Westies. After introducing the new bloodlines to my USA Westies and breeding between the European lines. It became eminently apparent the new litters are of higher quality. This continues to be backed up by several years of positive feedback from new Westie owners.


The responsibility of owning one of my Westies is not taken lightly and should be treated no different than adopting a child. I am only interested in finding serious owners, who can provide excellent care and a good, loving home. With a little love and attention your Westie puppy will grow up to compliment your life-style by being very loyal, friendly, and affectionate. They will live up to their nickname, “The Hardy Little Big Dog”.


Your puppy comes with a written contract, vaccination record and AKC registration application. I recommend two informative books and one DVD to help you be prepared and successful in raising your Westie Puppy, “The Art of Raising a Puppy” by the Monks of New Skete, “A Guide to the West Highland White Terrier” by Dawn Martin, and the DVD “Becoming a Pack Leader” by Cesar Millan. I find both books and DVD very helpful in getting new Westie owners started on the right track and properly prepared to receive their puppy. I am always available to answer any questions you may have.


Hal Sutton
Westie Enthusiast,
Private Breeder
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